Phone recording lengths

Lengths of phone recordings are now being calculated by file size, not file title.  This overcomes an anomaly in the telephone company's system that was incorrectly reporting a file's length.

Collated and Single Invoicing change

The Single and Collated Invoicing features previously allowed a user to go through the steps of completing the invoicing process even when no jobs needed to be invoiced.  This has now been prevented.

Subject lines of invoice emails

A request was received for the Subject lines of the invoice emails that ScribeManager sends to be changed, because when they contain the word "Invoice" they are sometimes blocked by spam filters.  This has been complied with.  The new email Subject is: "Total of...

Advanced Statistics

An issue was raised wherein a user was unclear that ScribeManager holds job statistics only from the beginning of the previous month.  A new error message has been programmed on the Advanced Statistics page to prevent users from selecting a "from" date earlier than...

Invoices as pdf files

A request was received that we enable ScribeManager's invoices to be created as pdf files when the user selects to include all finished jobs for a particular client in the invoice. This has been programmed.

M4a files

An issue was reported wherein m4a files were not playable following upload.  This has been rectified.

Links to Auto-claim and Mayday files

On request, download links have been removed from Auto-claim and Mayday files, except for the first one in the queue.  This is to prevent transcribers from mistakenly downloading files which they have not yet claimed.