Speech Recognition Test

Speech Recognition Test


This page enables you to test ScribeManager’s speech recognition feature without creating an account.

ScribeManager utilises Google’s speech recognition technology.

Speech recognition is in its infancy, and you should expect satisfactory results only from recordings that are extremely clear, and normally only if they are dictated with speech recognition in mind.

You may use this page a maximum of three times. The maximum allowable size is 50 MB. Only the first 30 seconds of each recording will be transcribed. The result will be emailed to you as a .txt attachment.

For a more in-depth test, you will need to create a ScribeManager account, here.

To test speech recognition on your file, begin by entering your email address. You will receive an email from noreply@scribemanager.com with instructions. Be sure to allow that email address, or check your junk folder.

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