Advanced Statistics

An issue was raised wherein a user was unclear that ScribeManager holds job statistics only from the beginning of the previous month.  A new error message has been programmed on the Advanced Statistics page to prevent users from selecting a "from" date earlier...

Invoices as pdf files

A request was received that we enable ScribeManager's invoices to be created as pdf files when the user selects to include all finished jobs for a particular client in the invoice. This has been programmed.

Renaming files

On request, we have made it possible to rename audio files that are linked to (as opposed to being hosted on the ScribeManager server), and also files that result from telephone dictation.

Contact logins

A magnifying glass icon has been added beside each client contact name on the Jobs List page.  Clicking on that icon enables administrators to see what their clients see when they log in to their own version of ScribeManager.