ScribeManager charges

Your first full calendar month of ScribeManager use is free. For example, if you set up your account on January 15th, the remainder of January plus all of February will be free, and you will only be liable for charges from 1st March. We do not take credit card details, and we will only ever charge after you have actively confirmed to us that you wish to become a paid user.

ScribeManager Standard Charges:

–             Technical support: free.

–              Account charge: US $1.00 per month (i.e., $1.00 covers your company’s whole account including all users)

–              Transcript line charge: US $0.0019 per transcript line that you put through ScribeManager.  As an example, a transcript of 100 lines costs US $0.19 to put through ScribeManager.  A “line” means 65 characters as counted by Practiline.  Each transcript is only charged for once, even if it is downloaded or uploaded multiple times, e.g. for QC.  If you delete a transcript from ScribeManager, it will still be charged for, because the service has been used.

ScribeManager Charges for Non-Essential Extra Services (all optional).  (If you have a bespoke version, these charges may not apply.)

–              Speech Recognition: US $0.05 per minute of recording

–              Telephone recording: US $11 per month per user ID for ScribeManager’s telephony system, plus US $0.11 per minute of recording.

–              Two-factor authentication: US $0.16 per authentication.

–              Partial transcripts (automated): US $0.03 per file

–              Bespoke pages within ScribeManager: from US $10 per month (depending on complexity)

–              Bespoke development: US $30 per hour

Other charges may apply if you ask us for extra services, but these are only charged with your prior agreement.

Technical support is free.