about ScribeManager

ScribeManager is transcription workflow software that automates your workflow processes and cuts your costs.

ScribeManager can also be used just for speech recognition.  If that is your requirement, click here.)

For trancription workflow, ScribeManager includes these great features:

  • receive audio files directly into your ScribeManager account via email, web upload, ftp, telephone dictation, or by integrating third party software such as YouSendIt, Dropbox, etc.
  • work in any currency, and charge per minute, per word, per line, or fixed fee
  • automatic conversion of most uploaded files to mp3, with background noise reduction, and automated file timing
  • storage of your files in various world locations according to your choice
  • clear workflow pages, where you can quickly see all the details of current jobs
  • sound files can be allocated manually, or else automatically, i.e. you can let typists claim work themselves according to their abilities
  • One click sends your recording to speech recognition (optional)
  • tools to reduce your spend on typist remuneration
  • quality control tracking and feedback to typists to ensure standards of work
  • full job history stored (sometimes needed for legal purposes)
  • all your invoices produced and sent to your clients with just a few clicks!
  • everything is Internet-based – if your PC breaks down, you simply move to another PC and carry on – no data is lost.
  • ability for your clients to log in securely and download their transcripts and sound files (original version or mp3)
  • free technical support and advice on running a transcription business
  • ability to scale up easily and use ScribeManager’s more powerful features as your transcription business grows

ScribeManager can automate much of your admin work at a very low cost. The standard line rate is just US $0.0019 per line, which is a fraction of competitors’ rates.

EXAMPLE: a transcript of 200 lines costs just $0.38 to put through ScribeManager. Compare that with Scriberite, which charges $2 on their basic rate (not counting their $100 setup fee!).

To see full pricing information for ScribeManager, please click here.

The best way to see how ScribeManager can help you is to try it free for a month. To do that, visit the “try it free” page on this site. There’s no set-up fee and no credit card is required. To ask questions first, please contact our friendly support via the “contact” link above.

To see a description of ScribeManager’s workflow methodology, click here.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your transcription business via the Contact page of this web site.

We look forward to hearing from you.