If the main version of ScribeManager doesn’t suit your needs, talk to us.  Sometimes adjustments can be made and workarounds found.

However, a bespoke version of ScribeManager, produced just for you, can give you much more.  Advantages include:

  1. You have full control over changes to functionality and new features, designed by you and developed by us.
  2. Present your version to your clients as your own product, giving your company added prestige.
  3. Your version can be located anywhere in the world, offering security to your clients.
  4. You have full control over naming and site design.
  5. You have sole access to your version.

Bespoke version indicative costs

initial consultation one-off free
setup one-off free

(deposit may be required)

development time for your bespoke features mainly one-off US $25 per hour
security certificates and domain annual approx US $120 per year

(passed on at cost)

monthly server cost per month $0 if hosted on our server, otherwise server charge is passed on at cost
account maintenance per month $100
ScribeManager usage fees as normal but with minimum of $100 per month for bespoke version


Note: the above costs are indicative, and represent typical usage.  More complex setups will vary in cost.

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