ScribeManager enables you to conveniently manage a transcription operation of any size, and automate it to a high degree while saving costs.

ScribeManager basically caters for workflow processes where typists upload transcripts, e.g. Word documents.

Here is a very brief description of ScribeManager’s workflow methodology:

Firstly, your client uploads files to your ScribeManager account via email, web page upload or ftp.

Next, ScribeManager automatically creates a job for that client in your ScribeManager account, and for most file types automatically displays the length of those files, their deadline, and any other information relevant to that client’s work.

ScribeManager automatically converts most file types to mp3, giving you and your typists the option to work with the original file or the mp3 version.

You can either allocate files to typists manually or use “Auto-claim”, i.e. appropriate typists from your pool claim work for themselves in a controlled manner.

ScribeManager enables you to manage the rates you pay to typists in such a way as to minimize your expenditure on typing staff.

When typists have produced a transcript, they upload it back into ScribeManager, where it can be easily set to QC if required, or sent to the client.

When a job is complete, you can produce one or all of your invoices in just a few clicks, and they can optionally all be sent to your clients automatically.

With ScribeManager, you can automate the entire workflow process except for the transcription itself, and of course QC.