Erika Wassall, Ada Transcription

I can honestly say that the use of ScribeManager improved not only the workflow and time management of my business, but the actual quality of my life. A growing business is never a bad complaint, but tracking customers, transcriptionists, proofreaders and individual transcripts was becoming extremely overwhelming and time consuming. And even worse, things had begun to fall through the cracks. With ScribeManager, every step of the process is automatically tracked from the moment a client uploads audio, tracking internal assignments and deadlines, all the way through to invoicing clients, paying employees and even tracking company growth.

I can log in, quickly and easily access how much new work came in, what needs to be assigned, what is due that day to clients and if any transcriptionists are behind with their deadlines. And all that is with just a few quick glances at the screen. Customer questions about deadlines and assessments of transcriptionists are made in a fraction of the time. ScribeManager has saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on keeping our quickly growing customer base happy. At such a reasonable price and with such fantastic customer support, I truly wish I had signed up for ScribeManager years before!

— Erika Wassall, Ada Transcription

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Ada Transcription

My name is Erika Wassall, owner of ADA Transcription. With a focus on quality and customer service, what started as a small one-woman show quickly gained a reputation via word of mouth referrals. Over a few short years, ADA developed a growing client base in academic and medical research with clients like the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, John Hopkins Medical Center and more. With a team of over 25 professional transcriptionists and proofreaders, we now support research teams across the United States, proudly providing transcripts for scholastic advancement and improved public and pharmaceutical healthcare.