Encryption at rest

Encryption at rest is now possible by client contact. Audio files and transcripts of up to 200 MB can optionally be encrypted for the selected clients.

Enhancements to Auto-claim

Auto-claim now includes the ability to set an entire job to be claimed, not just an individual file. Many unbound jobs can now be set to Auto-claim. If a file cannot be set to Auto-claim, a new pop-up clarifies the reason why. The Prioritization feature replaces the...

New ways to charge and remunerate

It is now possible on ScribeManager to charge your clients and remunerate your transcriptionists by new methods including per character, per word and per paragraph. There are also new options to charge 'per unit', and the word 'unit' can easily be reworded to whatever...

Worldwide Storage, and 20 GB uploads

Just gone live. Worldwide Storage enables you to store certain clients' audio files and transcripts in different locations around the world. This is often useful for legal reasons, e.g. a UK client may insist that their audio files and transcripts are stored within...


ScribeManager is fully GDPR-compliant in readiness for the deadline on May 25th.  Inactive personal data will be sorted and presented to account administrators for the option of deletion or retention.  Bespoke deletion procedures are also available.