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Erika Wassall, Ada Transcription

I can honestly say that the use of ScribeManager improved not only the workflow and time management of my business, but the actual quality of my life. read more

New Upload Tool

ScribeManager has gone live on a new upload tool which works on a wider variety of browsers and allows more user control.

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ScribeManager is fully GDPR-compliant in readiness for the deadline on May 25th.  Inactive personal data will be sorted and presented to account administrators for the option of deletion or retention.  Bespoke deletion procedures are also available.

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Welcome to ScribeManager!

ScribeManager is workflow software for transcription companies that offers these great benefits:

  • WORKFLOW – ScribeManager automates your transcription workflow
  • SIMPLE – user-friendly with free support from real humans!
  • SECURE – ScribeManager hosts all your data on a secure server
  • COMPLIANT – conforms to personal data legislation, such as GDPR
  • BACKUP – if your computer breaks down, you just move to another computer and continue
  • SAVE – ScribeManager can cut your costs by up to 20%
  • SPEECH RECOGNITION – just one click sends your recordings to Google Speech Recognition
  • CLIENT LOGIN – your clients can log into ScribeManager and download their audio files and transcripts 24:7
  • AUDIO QUALITY – ScribeManager reduces background noise on your files automatically
  • ASSESS QUICKLY – displays waveforms so you can assess file clarity without having to play the file
  • UPLOAD TOOLS – enables your clients to send audio files to you by web upload, email, ftp, or any other method
  • CALL RECORDING – ScribeManager can record your clients’ phone dictations and interviews and add them to workflow automatically
  • INVOICING – creates and sends all your invoices in just a few clicks
  • INTERFACES – compatible with Dropbox and other file systems
  • DEVELOPMENT – continually updated with new features

Video – ScribeManager Overview (2 mins)

Please play the video below. You can opt to watch it in High Definition by clicking on 360p (only visible after playback begins), and you can opt to watch it in full screen by clicking on , at the foot of the play window above.